Frequently Asked Questions

Who can access the service?

Anyone who has experienced or reported a serious sexual assault in the past 6 months – men and women; if your experience is more historic (and you haven’t reported it in the last 6 months), you can still ring and get information about how you can get help.

Do I have to be referred?

No, you can self refer and access all our services if you are 15years or over, but even if you are under this age you can still ring and get help to talk to someone. All you need to do is contacts us on our help line number, or email us at serenity@northants.nhs.uk

Do I have to report it to the police?

You do NOT have to make a report to the police to access our service and the decision will be yours, but we can help you speak to a specially trained officer if you want to.

We can also help you give information anonymously that we can then pass on to the police for you. This will allow officers to gather vital intelligence that may help prevent future attacks, but they won’t know who you are.

What if I don’t want to tell you my identity?

You can keep your identity private if you want to – just give us a name you want us to use; we can use this even if we refer you on to specialist sexual health clinics or to other support services.

How confidential are you?

We are completely confidential and we won’t pass on any information without your knowledge and consent. (Exceptionally, we will talk to you about making a disclosure where there is a child protection or public safety issue.)

What if I am worried about pregnancy or sexual infections?

Our doctors can give you the morning after pill; if it is too late for that they can give you something else that works up to 5 days after; they can risk assess you for sexual infection, start you on immediate medication and directly refer you to a specialist sexual health clinic.

Why do I feel like this?

Victims of rape and other sexual assaults commonly feel a range of emotions and effects; you might be experiencing:

  • Fear & distress
  • Anger or frustration
  • Guilty or self blame
  • Helplessness
  • Anxiety
  • Sleeplessness
  • Lack of concentration
  • Afraid to go out
  • Unable to make decisions
  • Reluctant to talk to people or socialise
  • Problems with family, friends or work

What if I am a man?

Rape or sexual assault happens to both men and women; we offer a service to anyone in Northamptonshire, tailored to your specific needs.

What if it is historic or happened a long time ago?

We will talk to you about the help and advice you need and put you in touch with the agencies that can best help you.

Will I sit in a waiting room with people I may know?

It’s important that we offer you a confidential service, so as far as possible we will provide you with the privacy you need.

If you are experiencing any or more of these it will help to talk to a professional –

Serenity can help you.