Young People’s Services

Child ISVA provides:

We provide face to face, telephone, text and email support to children from 8 -18 years, families and carers – the service is primarily aimed at those referrals where a criminal investigation/prosecution is taking place, but we will see and assess other children and young people and signpost or refer them on to other agencies that can best meet their needs.

  • Support the client through the criminal justice system, explaining the procedures and their role and rights within the system.
  • Subject to local arrangements and the views of the client, support the client in the witness statement and during the trial phase in conjunction with Witness Services.
  • Liaise with the police and Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) on behalf of the client and with the client’s consent; keep the victim informed about case progress on behalf of the police (Witness Care Unit) in line with the requirements of the Victims Code of Practice.
  • Participate in case conferences with the police, CPS and prosecuting barrister
  • Understand the need for some clients accessing special measures and advocate on their behalf where necessary in relation to their provision.
  • Explain and advise on criminal legal, and if relevant, civil remedies and housing options to clients.
  • Provide information and support in relation to Criminal Injuries Compensation.
  • Where relevant, keep other agencies informed about important changes in client’s situation.
  • To consider Safeguarding Issues (children and vulnerable adults) and liaise with SARC manager in accordance with safeguarding policies.
  • Help client develop own support network and refer on to other agencies for long term support needs
  • ‘Serenity can accept self referrals from the age of 15 years; under that age we will help the young person access the person or service that can help them. At all times we will consider safeguarding requirements and whether a disclosure is needed to protect that young person or other young or vulnerable people’.